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Lavender Lemon Shampoo Bar



Absorbs Oil, Nourishes & Rejuvenates Limp, Oily Hair

This sulfate-free, natural shampoo bar blends the soothing softness of lavender with the crisp, citrus of lemon to capture the senses and is perfect for oily hair types. Organic and expertly pH balanced, the bar creates an abundant lather that cleanses without stripping or drying hair. The formula's natural botanical's rid your scalp of excess oil and product buildup and leaves hair fresh, light as air, and flake-free.

Plastic-free. No waste, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. Made by hand with quality organic ingredients. Squeaky clean hair that’s restored to its real, natural beauty. Not to mention one Shampoo Bar is equal to THREE average-sized shampoo bottles — that’s months and months of washing in just one bar, with absolutely no plastic! While most bottled shampoos are filled with harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils, our Shampoo Bars are filled with nourishing oils that help reverse any damage from chemicals … AND leave your hair looking full, shiny, and naturally gorgeous.


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