Partnering to Make the World a Better Place


At Truth & Love Beauty, our brand ambassador program is a vital part of our outreach. The program was created because we believe that joining together is necessary in order to create real, meaningful changes and make the world a better place.

Our mission, to create a 100% cruelty-free and plastic-free beauty line, that allows people everywhere to care for their hair, body, and skin without harming our oceans or the animals that share our world is one that we always keep at the forefront of our mind, including in choosing our ambassadors.

That’s why we look for ambassadors who share our values and are just as passionate as we are about caring for the world around us and who are living and fighting for those values in their own lives.

It’s also why we are so excited to announce our first brand ambassador, Alex Shadrow.

Alex is a 3rd generation sustainability entrepreneur, Al Gore Certified Climate Reality Leader, and is the personality behind viral accounts @sustainabae and @thriftspired.

Alex lives and breathes sustainability in fashion, the 2nd most wasteful industry on the planet and is on a mission and working tirelessly to promote environmental awareness. She believes that her purpose on this planet is to make an impact and reduce waste

That’s why we see Alex as a sustainability warrior and the perfect partner and ambassador for our brand.

Together, we will continue our mission create the changes that make the world around us a cleaner, safer, better place for all.