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Sandalwood Grapefruit Scrub


Go for the glow. Our Sandalwood Grapefruit Scrub is infused with a mix of sandalwood and grapefruit essential oils to help leave skin soft and glowing while enveloping your senses in a rich, woodsy aroma. The exfoliating granules whisk away and slough off dead skin cells and deliver soothing moisture anywhere you need a little extra nourishment, from your scalp and face to your body, too. The grapefruit essential oil is rich in antioxidants and both Vitamins A and C to help rejuvenate the skin. The sandalwood essential oil helps to ease irritation, calm itching and combat acne. Say hello to soft, radiant skin.

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Our Sandalwood Grapefruit Shampoo Bar will give you the full intoxicating experience from head to toe!

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