Subscribe to saving the oceans

Lynn Venturella

Posted on May 11 2020

Subscribe to saving the oceans

Subscribe to saving the oceans

Subscriptions have become the new rage in the world today! You can get food, beauty products, clothes and so much more by simply tapping a few keys or a swipe of your finger. And, this incredible convenience makes subscriptions the most hassle-free way to get the products you need sent straight to your door, with no worries about running out of the products you love and use most.

However, along with the majority of those amazing subscription services, comes a LOT of plastic containers and waste – plastic and waste that is smothering our oceans, endangering the animals that share our world, and destroying our environment.

In fact, every year over 550 million Shampoo bottles and over 35 BILLION plastic bottles get thrown away in the U.S. alone. That’s enough plastic to circle the earth four times, a number that skyrockets when you consider the rest of the world, with over 500 trillion bottles are thrown out year.

And each bottle thrown out is one more that ends up in our oceans, suffocating marine life and killing our most important source of oxygen and food.

Fighting for our oceans

So, what can we do to help in the fight to free our oceans from the chains of plastic that snare our marine life?

  1. Say no to single-use plastic like plastic water bottles, food containers, etc.
  2. Find a recycling company close to your house. It’s a great way to make some extra change while doing the right thing for the environment.
  3. Choose plastic-free alternatives to the products you use every day, including beauty products, food containers, water bottles, and more.

Plastic-free for beauty without compromise

To help make committing to a plastic-free life easier, we at Truth & Love Beauty have created an environmentally responsible subscription service that brings you the high quality shampoo and beauty products you want, free of plastic, chemicals, sulphates, and parabens. Each and every product is also cruelty-free and completely organic.

Because we believe in beauty without compromise, every one of our shampoo bars are also amazing for your hair. Unlike the majority of shampoo options out there which strip your hair of its natural oils, our fabulous shampoo bars will rejuvenate and renew your hair, giving you the healthy, gorgeous shiny locks you’ve been dreaming of!

Small changes matter

Remember, even though changing the way that you wash your hair is just a small change, small changes become big changes, and big changes become a movement.

Together, we can save our beautiful planet for generations to come. Let’s all make a small change to make a big impact. Go plastic free! Your planet will thank you.


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